A webinar is held, hosted by the CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Platform (www.cheetah-exchange.eu) managed by ENEA.

The agenda for the webinar :

  • Movie of the BFIRST project
  • Opening of the Webinar by the chair. George Halambalakis, CRES (Greece).
  • Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics. Presentation in memoriam of Dr. Yiannis Tripanagnostopoulos, University of Patras. Prof. Soteris Kalogirou, CUT (Cyprus).
  • Development and demonstration of standardized building-integrated components based on fiber-reinforced solar technology. Eduardo Roman, TECNALIA (Spain).
  • Product guidelines for energy producing composite components. Tjerk Reijenga, BEAR-iD (The Netherlands).
  • Building-integrated products based on fiber-reinforced solar technology. José Maria Puig, ATERSA (Spain).
  • Demonstration of multifunctional performance in real operation conditions in a new construction large experimental facility in Spain; a retroffited uni-familiar residential house in Greece; and a new multiuse residential complex in Belgium. Evangelos Mathas, CRES (Greece).
  • Performance of the developed products in the three geographical locations and compliance with the IEC test standards. Michele Pellegrino, ENEA (Italy).

 Movie of the BFIRST project

0. George Halambalakis, CRES (Greece)

1. Prof. Soteris Kalogirou, CUT (Cyprus)

2. Eduardo Roman, TECNALIA (Spain)

3. Tjerk Reijenga, BEAR-iD (The Netherlands)

4. José Maria Puig, ATERSA (Spain)

5. Evangelos Mathas, CRES (Greece)

6. Michele Pellegrino, ENEA (Italy)