Demo project Pikermi (Athens)


The demonstration site in Greece is an one family detached building owned by HERON. The building is a low energy house, completely designed and built by HERON and equipped with a geothermal heat pump, which covers the heating/cooling and the domestic hot water demand. For the demonstration we will apply two elements. The ventilated facade element VF01 and the flexible shading element SE02. The last one will be applied in two different applications: one as shading system above the windows (SE02-D1) in the southeast facade and as shading system attached to the balconies (SE02-D2) at the southwest side. In total 9 ventilated facade elements will be installed at the southeast facade of the building. Above the windows in this facade a total of 3 shading elements (SE02-D1) will be installed. Around the balconies another A surface of 50 m2 has been estimated for the PV ventilated façade, composed by 15 modules (total power installed 2,6 kWp), whose total expected annual production is 1660 kWh. The solar shading will occupy a surface of around 10 m2, which will be covered with 5 elements (0,56 kWp installed) with an expected yearly energy production of 645 kWh. HERON will perform the installation of prototypes. CRES will assist HERON in the installation process.

Southeast facade with position of VF01 and SE02-D1 elements.


VF01 Non planar Ventilated Facade element

The southeast facade of the house will be used for the demonstration of the VF01 elements. Originally there was one large area but due to some objections from the residents, the lay-out is changed. The maximum is to add 11 elements to the facade and partially cover the balcony at the ground level. Because of the risk of damage from the back these last two elements will not be mounted. So in total nine VF01 elements will be mounted.

Final design of the VF01 element

Basic hanging principle of the VF01 elements

Around six possible solutions have been studied. Finally the choice is made for the Hilti bracket system. See the Guidelines for the mounting details. Critical point is the relatively weakness of the wall built out of hollow open concrete blocks. For that reason strips have to be mounted on chemical anchors.


SE02-D1 Shading element

In total three shading elements SE02-D1 will be mounted above the two windows in the southeast facade.Each element has three SE02 modules they are hold together with a frame. Part of the frame is also a perspex cover to prevent leaking of rainwater. The single element is rather simple to mount because it needs a rail at the top and two supports on both sides of the window. The double elements will be connected to make one stiff frame. In this way it is also possible to use the same solution as with the single frame.
Details of the construction and the mounting on-site can be found in the guidelines.

Both elements SE02-D1

Final drawings of single module. 

Final drawings of double module.


SE02-D2 Shading elements

Southwest facade with two balconies

The same SE02 modules can be combined to another application. In element SE02-D2 around 18 modules SE02 are brought together to form the round balcony cover and shading for the windows below.
Details of the construction and the mounting on-site can be found in the guidelines.

On balcony has a chimney and the amount of modules has been reduced

Balcony modules SE02-D2 installed


LocationPikermi (Athens), Greece
AddressLimnou, Spetson Street