Demo project Zamudio (Bilbao)

INGRID is the name of the TECNALIA experimental structure for smart grids, built between July 2011 and July 2012. It is located in Zamudio (near Bilbao, Spain). In fact there are two buildings, one for testing laboratories and another one for offices. This office building has been chosen as demonstration site. The building is designed according to energy efficiency guideliness. It received the energy label class A.

INGRID, New Experimental Infrastructure for Smart Grids
A living and tailored infrastructure that is closely in contact with the industry and the global scientific community, providing support on applied research and the technological development of companies. INGRID is a singular international level laboratory, with a great experimental capacity in high-voltage and high-power. It focuses on experimenting equipment and components, smart grids, electric systems for renewable energy and smart management of the consumption of electric power.

The basement structure at the south side of the project is cladded with the VF-AL modules. As it is only a demonstration, not the whole basement is cladded. In total 32 PV modules have been installed with a total power of 2.73 kWp.

The roof of the building has a green plant cover which contributes to solar protection and thermal isolation of the building. A 30 m2 photovoltaic triple glazing skylight will be installed in the roof above the central corridor. The skylight will be shaded

In total 18 PV modules of 86 Wp (32 cells (5”) per module) will be installed above the skylight. The installed power will be 1,55 kWp.


Description of the demonstration.

Two products will be demonstrated in the INGRID building. The BIPV facade element VF-AL and the skylight shading element SL02.


Facade element VF-AL

The south-east concrete façade will be covered with 32 photovoltaic modules. The ventilated facade module that is demonstrated is designed to cover large surfaces. The special profiles used make a very fast installation possible.
32 PV modules will be installed with a total power of 2.73 kWp. The estimated energy production is 2.624 kWh/year.

The VF-AL modules have a special profile frame in its upper and lower edges, that allow the modules to fit one inside the others edge. See pictures  below. Details of the construction and the mounting on-site can be found in the guidelines.


Skylight shading SL02

The building has a central corridor with skylight window.. Under the skylight is a concrete ceiling.

In the ceiling are openings to let part of the daylight and sunlight through. To reduce the amount of sunlight, an external skylight shading system (SL02) will be added.

Because the sunlight is already reduced by the concrete ceiling, there is no high demand in the amount of reduction of sunlight.

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Section with skylight

Interior with skylight
Interior with skylight

/Users/tjerkreijenga/Projecten BEAR/11414 BFirst NL/414 3 Workpa

Section showing the sun- and daylight through the open ceiling.


Details of the skylight

The original skylight shading SL02 is designed as a frame that can be placed on top of the window frame of the skylight. However in reality the window frame is not flat and there are profiles in one direction to cover the connection between each window frame. So this T-junction becomes rather complicated. Several proposals are made to solve this point and also to find an aesthetically nice solution.


In the above diagram we see 7 side views of the skylight and shading system.

  1. is the skylight without shading
  2. is the skylight with first proposal
  3. is the proposal to shift the modules and to keep the front of the skylight and the shading elements the same
  4. is the proposal to make a more elegant structure that follows the direction of the shading modules (alt A)
  5. is another alternative proposal (alt B)
  6. the whole structure is shifted to have the same overhangs on both sides
  7. the structure is lifted and connected in the middle instead at the T-joints.

Details of the construction and the mounting on-site can be found in the guidelines.

Installation of the SL02 modules above the skylights.




LocationZamudio (Bilbao) Spain
AddressParque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Zamudio - Bizkaia (Spain)