SL02 - Skylight shading module

The skylight shading module SL02 is designed to be used on a flat roof with a flat skylight. The system can be installed in two ways : mechanically fixed as part of the skylight structure, or in a fixed position on the conventional skylight’s.

  1. As part of the conventional skylight structure with openable windows for ventilation, the motor-driven windows will open to allow natural ventilation. The steering system can be arranged based on several aspects like : one-axis solar tracking, natural ventilation or/and shading criteria.
  2. As part of the closed conventional skylight. The outside PV skylight would be a fixed structure, with the modules orientated with the optimal inclination. It would provide electricity and shading, but no possibility for adjustment for natural ventilation.

The SL02 modules are specifically designed for the system and dimensions are 1518 x 1228 x 50 mm (height, width, height/thickness). This modules are made from composite material with an aluminium frame. The total weight of the full module (module + frame) is 14.1 kg. A structural profile supports the modules and it is used to connect to the main structural system. The use of specifically design structural profiles has been avoided in order to get a commercial system. Rectangular shape, standard aluminium profiles have been selected for the system.

Output of the module in Wp.

In the document (see download section) “SL02 BFIRST Product file – description of the skylight shadowing product”, the product is described in detail. Other documents can be downloaded as well including a 3D drawing (REVIT file).

CI/SfB Notation37 Secondary element to roofs : roof lights etc.
TechnologyFibre-reinforced and resin encapsulated single glass super-stratum Photo-Voltaics module
BIPV area28 cells Si-mono; 85 Wp
Geometrical shapeRectangular module
Width1228 mm
Height1518 mm
Thickness50 mm

SL02 Modules placed on the Tecnalia building in Zamudio (Spain)

SL02 Modules placed on the Tecnalia building in Zamudio (Spain)

SL02 Modules being installed over the skylights in Zamudio (Spain)

CAD drawing of SL02 Module

CAD drawing of installed system

SL02 Prototype module