SE02-D1 - Window shading module

The SE02 shading element has been developed as a modular-PV (basic-)unit that by means of combinations can form different shapes with the goal to adapt the final product to different areas. The connection between the (small) modules is done with hinges.

This gives the possibility to make a customized item from modular parts and to produce devices on a large-scale. The SE02 basic-unit is applied in two different shapes in the project demo-site in Pikermi (Greece). SE02-D1 is a canopy used as shading system above the windows and SE02-D2 is a combination where the basic-units are combined as a balcony shading system. Both designs are based on the initial concept. The application shows the possibility to have a different number of PV cells per string (corresponding to a basic unit) and specific mounting structures adjusted to the building. So the basic units can adapt to the desired length with the corresponding number of PV cells, depending on the application. In this way, the basic units of the PV canopy SE02-D1 will have 7 PV cells in series, whereas the balcony basic unit SE02-D2 will have only 6 cells in series. The basic units have hinges that makes it possible to connect more basic units together.     Characteristics of the SE02 module are shown below.

CI/SfB Notation48 Other finishes to structures, shading
TechnologyFibre reinforce Photo-Voltaics module
BIPV area7 cells Si-mono, 32 Wp. Rough module area 1,17 m2. Total area one canopy 3,5 m2.
Geometrical shapeRectangle
Width200 mm
Length1170 mm
Thickness3 mm
Mounted product (single canopy) dimensions / power1409 x 827 x 35 mm / 95 Wp.

Window shadowing module SE02-D1.

Canopy with 3 SE02 modules mounted above the window.

Canopy with SE02-D1 modules installed in a double configuration.

CAD drawing of SE02 modules.

CAD drawing of canopy with 3 SE02 modules.