RS02 - Roof module

Frameless roofing unit of fibre-reïnforced composite with encapsulated photovoltaic cells.

The roof module design is a sawtooth shaped module. The modules are overlapping in vertical direction like regular tiles. In horizontal direction the modules are connected with a hidden gutter under the modules or a H-profile to connect the elements horizontally.

The design allows an easy and quick mounting. Because of the ventilated roof structure, it contributes to reduce the thermal load of the building.
The modules will have a high yield in general as they will be applied on roofs.
The system is 99% water tight and can be compared to the water tightness of regular tiles. This means that the air cavity is important to ventilate (and dry) the construction. The under roof needs to have a certain water tightness as well.



Characteristics for the RS02 module are shown below.

CI/SfB Notation47 Roof finishes, tiles, cladding
TechnologyFibre reinforce Photo-Voltaics module
BIPV area32 cells Si-mono, 123 Wp
Geometrical shapeRectangle
Width1395 mm
Length905 mm
Thickness3,5 mm
Height59 mm (including junction box)

3D drawing of the RS02 roof shingle module

First manufactured RS02 module

Alutec system: 1. move the module up, 2. push the module between the profiles, 3. move the module down to lock it.

Connection detail basic mounting profiles

Quick and simple mounting system (Alter).

Finished roof. Note the additional anchors.

RS01 CAD drawing