VF01 - Ventilated Facade element

The ventilated facade element VF01 is a façade cladding element with integrated PV technologies, manufactured in composite materials and applicable as the outer envelope of a ventilated façade. The curved transitions between planar regions provide additional rigidity to the element from a mechanical point of view.

The facade element can be used as cladding for unheated industrial buildings or as part of a thermal insulated sandwich also in heated industrial buildings.

Application for the wall of an industrial steel structure and also including the RS02 roof shingle.


The characteristics of the VF01 module can be found below.

CI/SfB Notation41 Wall finishes, external, cladding
TechnologyFibre reinforce Photo-Voltaics module
BIPV area60 cells,
Geometrical shapeNon-planar rectangle module
Width1209 mm
Length1652 mm
Depth50 mm
Thickness3 mm

VF01 modules before installation

Installed VF01 modules

Prototype of VF01 Ventilated facade module.

VF01 module dimension and geometry