a01 - Roof dimensions


Most roof dimensions are based on the general module dimensions of 300 mm (horizontal). Although many building products still have different dimensions, the 300 mm module is widely used in buildings. Building spans are often seen like 4.800, 6.000, 7.200, 8400 or 9600 mm. The span depends a lot of the construction materials. In residential buildings (row housing) with partial wood structures (for the roof) dimensions will vary from 4200 to 7200 mm. In detached houses it will vary from 6000 to 9600 or more mm. Dimensions are drawn on this 300 mm construction 200 or 300 mm more on both sides. So with a span of 6.000 mm, the outside dimensions will be 6.400 to 6.600 mm.


Roof tile position

For the roof tiles there are three possible positions for the tiles:

  1. between the walls ,
  2. on top of the walls (Belgium demo) or
  3. over the walls.

Each of the position will give a different approach to calculate the tiles.

Three possible roof edge details: 1. between walls. 2. on top of the wall and 3. over the wall.


Module dimensions (width)

The RS02 module dimensions are 1395 mm (width) and 905 mm (height). The space in between is 5 mm and the vertical overlap is 145 mm so that the calculation dimensions for construction are 1400 mm (w) and 760 mm (h).In the Belgium demonstration project the building width is 10040 mm and the modules are tailored made. So the general rule of multiple times 300 mm was not used here.

A more modular dimension is a width of 1200 mm. With a connection of 5 mm, it means the module will be 1195 mm. In case of the total dimensions of 10 meters, both sides will have about 200 mm left over. That can be covered with the edge detail.


Roof edge detail of the demo house in Mons (B).

For the height we have multiple times 760 mm. This direction is not very flexible in dimensions. So with a fixed dimension of 760 mm we have to adjust the roof construction with an overhang or with a different angle of the roof. It is clear that this might be easy in new designs but pretty complicated in existing buildings.

Roof edge details.