a10 - Shading Modules


The shading overhang is in fact a small solar module with 7 cells. It can be used to make different combinations. In the demonstration project in Pikermi this is demonstrated in two ways. a. The shading overhang above the windows and b. the system around the balcony.


Standard module SE02-D1

Standard module SE02-D2

Application in Pikermi.

In the demonstration project in Pikermi, Greece, the SE02 modules are applied in two different ways.


1. Shading overhang.

This application (SE02-D1) uses 3 standard modules. The modules are packed in an aluminium frame (see guideline b2). This frame is mounted above the windows as a shading overhang. In total there are three applications. Each of them is larger then the window to optimise the shading on the window from the side.



Shading overhang SE02-D1.


Southeast facade with shadow overhangs SE02-D1 and the wall elements VF-01. Pikermi, Greece demonstration building.

Shading overhang SE02-D1


2. Balcony. 

The second application is around two balconies. This application is not only a demonstration of an application but also an experiment with the electrical wiring and the inverters. This due to the orientation of the modules from southeast to northwest. Besides that the shading of the balconies and the building will influence the output.

Application at the balcony SE02-D2.

Southwest facade with the two balconies. Pikermi, Greece demonstration building.

Application of SE02-D2 at the balcony