g03 - Building Permit in Spain


In Spanish regulations, the BFIRST products will be considered as double energy architectonic functional systems with direct integration within the building’s envelop. BIPV modules should fit the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

General building requirements are described in the Spanish Technical Building Code where:

Grid connected photo-voltaic must fulfil the requirements expressed in RD 1663/2000.

Photo-voltaic must satisfy the specifications of UNE-EN:1997 standard

Structural security requirements from the Technical building code should be fulfilled

One of the basic requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code is energy saving, which is included in the basic DB HE Energy document.

This document includes the basic requirements to be met by all buildings in order to comply with energy saving. These are the following:

  • HE1: Limitation of the energy demand
  • HE2: Performance of the thermal installations
  • HE3: Energy efficiency of the lighting installations
  • HE4: Minimum solar contribution to domestic hot water
  • HE5: Minimum photovoltaics contribution of electrical energy

The structural requirements of building solutions and construction products are showed in the following documents within the DB SE:

  • DB SE: Structural safety
  • DB SE-A. Structural safety – Steel
  • DB SE-C. Structural safety – Foundations
  • DB SE-AE. Structural safety – Actions in the building
  • DB SE-F. Structural safety – Manufacture
  • DB SE-M. Structural safety – Wood