e04 - Safety rules – SL02


Photovoltaic systems, and more specifically BIPV systems, are subjected to comply with certain technical characteristics pointed out in the Spanish legislation as long as with adopted European Directives as the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Being a part of the envelope, important characteristics for BIPV systems are established in the Spanish Technical Building Code (TBC). The TBC also imposes the minimum contribution of PV energy sources of some buildings depending on its characteristics and nature. The RD 1699/2011, in which the grid connection of low power installations is regulated, follows the guidelines set by Directive 2004/8/CE promoting small installations in order to enhance the energy efficiency and security of supply, as well as Directive 2009/28/CE, that encourages the use of renewable energy sources. This RD repealed RD 1663/2000, for the connection of photovoltaic systems to the Low Voltage grid. This Royal Decree sets the basis that PV installations must fulfil in order to carry out the grid connection.

The safety rules for the EU regarding the Bfirst products in Spain, is described in some of the Basic Documents of the Spanish Technical Building Code.

Regarding the safety against noise, the Basic Document HR: Safety against noise states that the construction facades and roofs with building integrated photovoltaics have to fulfil in conjunction with the adjacent elements, the minimum values of the sound insulation to air noise between enclosure places and the outside environment gathered in the Basic Document.

The structural requirements of building solutions and construction products are showed in the following documents within the DB SE: Structural Safety:

  • DB SE: Structural safety
  • DB SE-A: Structural safety. Steel
  • DB SE-C: Structural safety. Foundations
  • DB SE-AE: Structural safety. Actions in the building
  • DB SE-F: Structural safety. Manufacture
  • DB SE-M: Structural safety. Wood

The Basic Document applicable for skylights appears in the ‘DB SE-AE Structural safety: Actions in the building’. Contains rules regarding the structural safety against actions in the building, requirements of building solutions and products against permanent, variable and accidental mechanical charges. According to this, skylights must be prepared to bear these charges without putting at risk the integrity of facilities and persons.

Basic Document DB SI: Safety in case of fire, establishes the requirements about the reaction to the fire and fire resistance of the construction elements according to the RD 312/2005, where it is adopted for Spain the European testing standards and classifications. Special mentions to the CE marking of 89/106/CEE-CPD regarding safety in case of fire.

Regarding the Safety in use and accessibility, the regulations are described in the Basic Document SUA: Safety in use and Accessibility.