e01 - Safety rules – RS02


In Belgium the fulfilment of mechanical resistance and stability, safety in case of fire and safety in use requirements rely on the Eurocodes which contain harmonised evaluation methods for the different characteristics considered. The Eurocodes are an integrated set of EU standards related to the design and sizing of the building, engineering works, including their resistance to seismic actions. There are 10 Eurocodes from no. 0 to no. 9.

In Belgium there are three levels with competence to establish regulations concerning fire safety which are compulsory to be fulfilled:

  • The federal authority is competent to establish the Basic Standards, which fix the minimum conditions that each building category must fulfil independently of its location.
  • Regions and Communities are competent to regulate particular aspects of security, complementing or adapting the federal legislation, improving the demands in terms of security
  • Municipalities are responsible to enact regulations concerning fire prevention.
  • There are also Belgian standards by the NBN (Normalisation Bureau) which are not compulsory but are considered as good practice rules. The law of July 30th of 1979 laid the foundations for the fire protection of buildings in Belgium with two components:
  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Compulsory insurance for civil liability

These standards are not applicable to single-family houses and to low height buildings with a surface of less than 100 m2 and two floors maximum. Depending on the height, the following kinds of buildings are considered:

  • Height < 10 m
  • Height between 10 m and 25 m
  • Height >25 m

Products for roof covering must present characteristics of class BROOF(t1) or agree with the decision 2000/553/CE relative to the setting up of the directive 89/106/CEE concerning the performance of roofs exposed to an exterior fire. Fire performance of roofs is classified following the standard NBN EN 13501-5:

Testing Method Classification according to NBN EN 13501-5
ENV 1187:2002 test 1 BROOF(t1) Burning brand alone
FROOF(t1) No performance determined
ENV 1187:2002 test 2 BROOF(t1) Burning brand + Wind
FROOF(t1) No performance determined
ENV 1187:2002 test 3 BROOF(t1) Burning brand + Wind + Radiation
FROOF(t1) No performance determined
ENV 1187:2002 test 4 BROOF(t1)
FROOF(t1) No performance determined