d03 - Mounting and installation SE02-D2


The basic construction and the materials for construction are described in guideline b3. This guideline shows the practical aspects and experience from the installation.


Components description

Anchor rod M8x110
Role: anchoring the bracket to the wall.


Drill bit diameter 10 mm
Anchor size M8
Anchor length 110 mm
Material composition Steel 8.8
Environmental conditions Outdoor, Underwater, fresh water
Approvals / test reports ETA, Fire
PROFIS software Yes

Injectable mortar HIT-HY 270 330/2

Role: Adhesive anchoring system for anchor fastenings in hollow and solid masonry


Base materials Concrete (aerated), Masonry (hollow), Masonry (solid), Some types of natural stone
Base material condition Dry, Wet
Cleaning procedures Compressed-air cleaning, Manual cleaning
Anchoring elements HIT-IC internally-threaded rods, HIT-SC mesh sleeves, HIT-S mesh sleeves, HIT-V threaded rods
Approvals / test reports ETA, Fire
Environmental conditions Indoor, damp conditions, Indoor, dry conditions, Indoor, ventilated facades, Outdoor
Mixer types HIT-RE-M
In-service temperature -40 – 80 °C
Installation tools HDM, HDE 500-A22

Mesh sleeve HIT-SC 16×85


Drill bit diameter 16 mm
Anchor size 8/10 mm
Anchor length 85 mm
Material composition Plastic
Environmental conditions Indoor, damp conditions, Indoor, dry conditions, Indoor, ventilated facades, Outdoor, Underwater, fresh water


Framework Installation

Wall conditions:
The balcony front must be free of obstacles.
The holes grid on the concrete must be done with the use of a multi-line laser.
The mounting of the sub-modules on the balcony shall be done with the use of a scaffolding or a crane.


There are two balconies : FV SE02-D2-L (left balcony / chimney) and FV SE02-D1-R (right balcony).

List of sub-assemblies: FV SE02-D2-L (left balcony / chimney) + (right balcony)
1. FV SE02-D2-L-1
2. FV SE02-D2-L-2
3. FV SE02-D2-L-3
4. FV SE02-D2-L-4
5. FV SE02-D2-L-5
6. FV SE02-D1-R-1
7. FV SE02-D2-R-2
8. FV SE02-D1-R-3
9. FV SE02-D1-R-4
10. FV SE02-D1-R-5
11. FV SE02-D1-R-6


The installation process step-by-step.

Step 1. Make holes in the balcony front according to the drawing FV SE02-D2-1 attached at the end of this manual and attach the first structure FV SE02-D2-L-1 to the front using three anchor rods, prescribed above.

Step 2. Make the same procedure for the others modules on each side and assembly one module with the next with screws DIN933M6X10A2 and washers following the next detail. 

Detail A

Detail A in pictures at the site.


  • Electricity Generator
  • Electric cutter
  • Mechanical level
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Rule
  • Crane or Scaffolding

Safety equipment

  • Protection glasses
  • Safety shoes
  • Gloves
  • Safety helmet
  • Safety belt


Text written by HERON, Greece