b05 - Construction design VF01


Lightweight ventilated façade with embedded crystalline silicon cells, designed as the external skin of a ventilated façade. The design combines flat areas with curved transitions, especially conceived for commercial or industrial buildings.


Illustration of the VF01 element and a picture of the first produced model.


Structure design.

The selected structure for the VF01 BIPV module is based on one of HILTI’s standard solution for cladding systems. The adopted system is in fact an adaptation of the standard solution, as a result of the impossibility of implementing the available solutions in HILTI’s catalogue for the composite-based BIPV modules.

The present guideline seeks to describe the main components and the general installation procedure of the BIPV ventilated façade structure designed for the Pikermi demo site in the frame of BFIRST project. Nevertheless, the components, materials and their installation process may vary in different wall structures and therefore, the information provided in this document should be handled with care, adjusting the installation with regard to the current wall composition. The aim of this guideline is not focused on the installation process of the BIPV modules, but the construction process of the substructure used to install them.

HILTI, supplier of the façade structure, performs the full construction design on request.


Components description (see d5 Mounting and Construction for details)

  1. Hilti Hanger profile MFT-HP 200 (horizontal profile)
  • Main support structure for the BIPV modules.
  1. Hilti Profile MFT-L 60 x 40 x 1,8 6m (vertical profile)
  • Main vertical profile to connect with the brackets on the bearing wall.
  1. Hilti Bracket MFT-MFI 065 M 11
  • Bracket that is mounted on the wall and used to mount the vertical profiles.
  1. Aluminium Self-drill screw S-AD01S 5,5×19 mm
  • Used to connect the profiles.
  1. Depending on the wall type different types of anchors are needed.


Basic structure.

Brackets are placed on the wall following the d5 ‘Mounting and installation’ guideline. The vertical profiles will be placed in the brackets to form the basic structure. From this point the horizontal profiles have to be placed exactly in the right position to fit the dimensions of the VF-01 facade elements.

Illustration of the connection between horizontal profile and VF01 element.