a07 - Facades – non-heated building


Besides buildings for living and working there are a lot of other buildings that only need protection against rain, wind or sun without any thermal performance. As this type of buildings (large warehouses, parkings, agriculture buildings) have large facades, they might be very interesting for the application of solar walls.


Wall constructions

Single or double wall constructions. Many buildings need only a single wall as protection against rain or sun. Sone buildings will need a double wall. Not to keep the heat inside but in general to prevent condensation. The two BFIRST solar modules VF01 and VF-AL are both very suitable for this application. They can be mounted directly on a steel structure or they can be combined with an internal wall to create a box that can be filled with insulation material.

Typical example of steel construction (industrial hall)

Steel construction (left) and insulation for hot/cold climates (right).

Under construction (left) and BFIRST modules VF01 and RS02 applied (right).


Building physics.

Main building physical concern is internal condensation. Aluminium and the encapsulated elements are not very sensitive to corrosion and in general no problem is expected.


Relation with PV-Module

The facade modules VF01 and VF-AL both are suitable to use on large steel construction and to fulfil the function as rain-screen.

Industrial hall with 50 kWp solar modules (ThyssenKrupp Duisburg)