The aim of the BFIRST project ( is the development and demonstration of a set of standardised, multi-functional photovoltaic building components based on a recent developed technology for solar cells encapsulation withing glass fibre-reinforced composite materials.

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Electrical design VF01

Introduction The BFIRST “VF01”ventilated façade module is a BIPV construction and energy multifunctional element, whose design allows an easy and quick installation based on a hanger system. VF01 contributes to reduce the power consumption of buildings through its PV power generation capability. Passive thermal features are also available, thanks to the air flowing behind theContinued

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Roof module

Frameless roofing unit of fibre-reïnforced composite with encapsulated photovoltaic cells. The roof module design is a sawtooth shaped module. The modules are overlapping in vertical direction like regular tiles. In horizontal direction the modules are connected with a hidden gutter under the modules or a H-profile to connect the elements horizontally. The design allows anContinued

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Demo project Zamudio (Bilbao)

INGRID is the name of the TECNALIA experimental structure for smart grids, built between July 2011 and July 2012. It is located in Zamudio (near Bilbao, Spain). In fact there are two buildings, one for testing laboratories and another one for offices. This office building has been chosen as demonstration site. The building is designedContinued

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